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Our L'Essentielle L.S. Clay is the perfect mix of Bentonite and Ghassoul clay which will attract dirt, oils and impurities. The mix of minerals from both clay such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and others will help your hair achieve a softer defined and moisturized hair. Our clay will aids detangle, reduces frizz while defining your curls and sooth your scalps and get rid of dandruffs. Your hair will be more nourish because of its essential numerals and vitamins. We advise to use a hair mask washing your hair with our clay to avoid hair dryness. 

Furthermore, L’Essentielle L.S. Clay is great to add to your skincare. Our natural clay mix can be used as a cleanser and detoxifier. L’Essentielle L.S. clay will get rid of the toxins, impurities while smoothing your face. If you are looking to even your skin tone, to unclog your pore, controls the overproductions of sebum and maintain your skin elasticity, this clay is for you.

Skin Type: Preferably for normal, oily and acne prone skin

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